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Behind the Oscars melodies: the most nominated music and composers in history

Let's get ready for an emotional walk through the soundtracks who have left their mark on cinema. This year, as we eagerly await the Oscar, let's remember how pieces like those from Star Wars, Titanic, La La Land and ET have not only resonated on the screens, but They have become classics. 

The most nominated soundtracks for the Oscars

Star wars (1977): an icon in film history.

We begin with this galactic epic, and it is no wonder. The famous saga has accompanied various generations for more than five decades. The masterfully orchestrated score has won several awards, including three Academy Awards. The music of Star Wars has become a cultural phenomenon throughout history, defining the era and leaving a legacy that transcends cinema. Today its impact endures, and the unmistakable melody remains acclaimed in the film industry and beyond. A galactic symphony that, like the film itself, remains timeless.


Titanic (1997): the best-selling soundtrack in history

From the depths of the galaxy we pass to the vastness of the sea, hand in hand with James Horner. In 1997, the famous composer gave us this unforgettable soundtrack. Given the impact that this masterful composition had, it is no surprise that it has garnered various awards, including two Oscars: Best Original Score and Best Original Song for “My Heart Will Go On”. This song, performed by Celine Dion, became an anthem to love for many. Horner's ability to fuse emotionality and grandeur secured him an unbeaten place in film musical history. The melody of the romance between Jack and Rose continues to resonate today, reminding us that music will always be eternal like love.

La La Land (2016) – Justin Hurwitz

But not everything is classics of the 20th century, we travel quickly to 2016, where Damien Chazelle awaken nostalgia in us with  La La Land. The soundtrack, composed by Justin Hurwitz is a great tribute to the musical films of the 50s. Hurwitz's talent did not go unnoticed during the awards season, where took home two precious Oscars. The recognition of Best Original Score and Best Original Song for "City of Stars". La La Land left us with an unforgettable love story and a soundtrack that continues to resonate in our hearts.


ET the Extra-Terrestrial (1982): A Magical Score by John Williams

In 1982, the great Steven Spielberg surprised an entire audience with the magical story of ET: the extraterrestrial. Being an icon for an entire generation, andThis film was nominated for several Oscars, and of course, including its soundtrack. John Williams in this case was in charge of accompanying Elliot on this adventure. The unmistakable melody of ET has transcended the borders of cinema, leaving a legacy that endures in the collective memory and becoming an icon of the 80s. It is without a doubt a testament to the lasting impact that music can have on the cinematographic experience.

The most nominated composers in Oscar history

John Williams: a musical legendl

Throughout his illustrious career, John Williams has won more than five coveted Oscars, being his first win for 'Fiddler on the Roof'. But beyond these achievements, few know of his three record-breaking awards, marking notable milestones in the history of the Oscars: SHe became the oldest nominee, receiving his last nomination at age 90. and holds the record for being the most nominated, highlighting his lasting impact on film music. Its versatility is undeniable as it has the largest number of nominations in different decades.

These extraordinary achievements are woven through unforgettable compositions in films such as 'Jurassic Park,' 'ET The Extra-Terrestrial' and 'Star Wars,' cementing Williams as a musical legend on the big screen.

Max Steiner: the father of the American classical symphony

We talk now about Max Steiner, known for filling the well-known film 'Gone with the Wind' among others with melodies. Throughout his career, he won three Oscars for his masterful musical contributions. His first victory came in 1935 with 'The Informer', followed by the aforementioned 'Gone with the Wind' in 1939 and 'Since You Left' in 1944. He achieved that the music in the films not only adorned the story but not that it accompanied and completed it as well.

oscar howard shore

Howard Shore and the Lord of the Rings movies. 

We couldn't leave aside the genius Howard Shore, which we have already talked about on other occasions. Awarded three Oscars, his musical magic has transcended masterpieces such as 'The Lord of the Rings'. In 2002, won the Oscar for 'The Fellowship of the Ring' and repeated his triumph in 2004 with 'The Return of the King''. His ability to create scores that bring Middle Earth to life is unmatched, being the emotional nexus of the trilogy. Shore has defined epic fantasy through his compositions, taking us on unforgettable adventures and conquering the hearts of moviegoers around the world.

James Horner: the creator of a cinematic classic.

We have already talked about his perhaps best-known musical work: Titanic. But the truth is that throughout his career, Horner received various awards and nominations, highlighting his versatility in films such as 'Braveheart' and 'Avatar'. His ability to fuse emotion and epic made him unique, and currently many other more recent composers are surely inspired by his peculiar signature to create their scores. Tragically, he left us in 2015, but his legacy persists in notes that resonate eternally in the history of cinema.

james horner collecting oscars awards

The emotional impact of soundtracks in cinema

As we have seen, composers form a very important part in the creation of a film, since a coherent soundtrack to the story is crucial for the entire journey to make sense. Soundtracks play a crucial role in creating atmospheres, defining characters, and guiding the viewer's emotional experience. Music is used strategically to awaken emotions in the viewer and guide them through all the images in the film. From a scary scene to the simple appearance of a character on stage, each composition becomes an additional narrative element, which influences how we as an audience are going to understand the work. Our emotions, then, are at the mercy of a genius of composition at the height, who makes our skin crawl with each note.

The music of the Oscars at the Film Symphony Orchestra

We are sure that you are one of those who enjoy getting excited over and over again watching classics and humming their main songs. Yes that's how it is, You can't miss the chance to listen to your favorite soundtracks led by Constantino Martínez-Orts and the entire Film Symphony Orchestra. We are ready to take you on a journey through the best-awarded films!

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