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“May the 4th be with you”: everything you need to know about World Star Wars Day

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Back on May 25, 1977, movie theaters presented us with a story and music that has reached the souls of several generations. Today, the Star Wars continues its story and creating new fans around the world. The phenomenon Star Wars It has meant a before and after in the history of cinema and film music, with the incredible legacy of John Williams.

So much so that even the saga has its own day: May 4. On this date, all lovers of George Lucas' creation take the opportunity to celebrate their passion for movies from different parts of the globe. Each one does it in their own way, of course, from costume meetings with their favorite characters – in the purest Comic-Con style – to the typical marathons to enjoy the saga once again. In one go, without skipping a single movie or the end credits. At Film Symphony Orchestra we are also going to celebrate the World Star Wars Day: when is it and how to celebrate it.

World Star Wars Day

International Star Wars Day or Star Wars

There are many world days that fill our calendar each year, but there is also a place for the legion of Star Wars devotees. At this time, millions of fans of the galactic saga celebrate the birth of the legendary franchise with the aforementioned events and celebrations throughout the planet and perhaps beyond.

When is Star Wars Day celebrated?

Star Wars Day or World Star Wars Day is celebrated every May 4. The world has become accustomed to seeing concentrations of Star Wars fans every May 4th., with their careful costumes, their laser swords and the famous movie phrases that they sing with theatricality, but many wonder why Star Wars Day is celebrated on this date.

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Why is Star Wars Day celebrated?

On May 4, 1979, two years after the first film was released, Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope, a famous British newspaper published a headline full of creativity. Without knowing, of course, that he would end up naming International Star Wars Day. It was specifically the London Evening News which, after the appointment of Margaret Thatcher as prime minister, published a note in which members of the Conservative Party congratulated her.

What does May the 4th be with you mean?

The phrase that titled this article and that we still remember is: 'May the 4th Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations'. An original play on words closely related to the saga's phrase on a phonetic level, 'May the Force be with you' ('May the Force be with you'). This anecdote ended up giving rise to Star Wars Day.

Once the Internet allowed Star Wars fans around the world to connect, the May 4th tradition conquered this universe and made it stronger year after year. The first commemoration of the event occurred in May 2011, when the Toronto Underground Cinema organized a film festival in which all the Star Wars films could be seen.

May 5: the day of the 'dark side'

On May 4, fans often choose to celebrate by watching Star Wars movies, playing video games, or wearing Star Wars merchandise. But, the next day, they brandish their lightsabers for the return of the dark side. May 5 is celebrated as the second Star Wars day and is named after Revenge of the 5th. It is used to celebrate the dark side, while the previous one commemorates Jedi knights.

Revenge of the Fifth It is meant to be a day that fans go to the dark side. It is the title of one of the Star Wars movies, Revenge of the Sith, sounds partly like Revenge of the Fifth… so everything makes sense. Some fans, on the other hand, think that having Dark Side Day on May 6 and calling it 'Revenge of the Sixth' It would make more sense because the number sounds a little more like "sith."

Some sources suggest that the concept Revenge of the Fifth appeared for the first time after first official Star Wars Day in 2011, at the aforementioned Toronto Underground Cinema. The event was so successful that fans wanted to extend the fun and came up with the idea of 'Revenge of the Fifth', to also celebrate the dark side.

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Top best Star Wars moments to remember

During these celebrations it is customary to remember the best moments of the Star Wars saga as a retrospective, to remember and discuss the favorite moments that we all have. Go for it!

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope

The first of them that we would like to remember is one of the most relevant in history regarding the character of Princess Leia. The small astromech droid R2-D2 contains a message from Princess Leia Organa and is addressed to a man named Obi-Wan Kenobi. This premise justifies the beginning of the adventure most famous space film on celluloid.

Fate brings this friendly robot into the hands of Luke Skywalker to begin his search for this Ben. The scene offers one of the most outstanding special effects in history and to date, in the new versions, continues to maintain the original texture. Leia appears as a hologram asking Obi Wan for help.

Han Solo's death in The Force Awakens

Harrison Ford fulfilled his dream of killing Han Solo in 2015, breaking our hearts in the process and leaving a great scene to remember. Seeing Han die at the hands of his son is one of the most dramatic moments in 'Star Wars', as can be confirmed by poor Chewie, who ends up bringing tears to our eyes with his sad and desperate reaction. The performances of Ford and Adam Driver are exceptional, both actors elevated the material of the script with their looks and their presence on stage.

Han's reaction is unforgettable, Ford manages to convey a whole variety of emotions in a very brief moment. Han arrives on the scene to confront his son, like a disappointed father. During their conversation, our galactic outlaw lets his guard down to approach Ben, falling victim to the love he feels for him. At that moment, the sun goes out, anticipating that someone is going to die and darkness falls over the scene. Han's expression goes through physical pain and initial surprise and ends with him caressing Kylo's face, forgiving him and hoping that it is not too late to save him, although perhaps there is no redemption possible after killing his father. .

The love between Han Solo and Leia

As far as cinematic kisses go, Han and Leia's farewell, with a declaration of love included, continues to be one of the most romantic and tragic moments in cinema. He is about to be encased in carbonite and she doesn't know if she will see him again. The time has come to put your pride aside, because you love each other. An iconic and wonderful scene with pure gold in the performances, especially Ford's.

He loves her and she knows it, that's why she doesn't need to say it, because her pride doesn't allow it, but that doesn't matter. This script line is unbeatable and, as legend has it, it occurred to Harrison Ford himself while they were reviewing and rehearsing the script.

“I am your father” by Darth Vader

Cataloged by some as the most memorable phrase in cinema, “I am your father”, was uttered by the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader after defeating his young opponent, Luke Skywalker, in a lightsaber duel. There are few phrases in the history of cinema that can be classified as memorable but, without a doubt, this is one of the most legendary and, for many, it is directly the first on the list.

The Empire Strikes Back, the most notable film in the saga Star Wars, is lavish in anthology moments, but becomes definitively memorable for the unforgettable final phrase. After maiming Luke Skywalker with his lightsaber, Darth Vader corners him on the edge of the abyss and reveals a terrible revelation to him, but not before tempting him with absolute power. As curiosities, some analysts have related this scene when Jesus Christ is tempted in the desert by the devil, so that he renounces God and becomes his servant.

The other is that many people continue to believe that the real phrase was "Luke, I am your father," and that is not the case. This is due to what is known as Mandela Effect, a curious psychological phenomenon that happens when many people believe they clearly remember something that is not true and that never happened. At no point does Darth Vader say "Luke, I am your father." What he really expresses is "No, I am your father." In fact, it must be said that this phrase was not even written in the film's script.

The death of Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode IV

The duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader was a fundamental part of the first Star Wars film, then called simply that and now known as Episode IV: A New Hope. In the final act, The conflict between good and evil is also decided through a lightsaber duel. The ways of the Force decided that Kenobi and Darth Vader would face each other on the Death Star and, here, the famous blue saber was defeated by the red saber of the Lord of the Sith.

Originally, the battle ends when Vader's saber hits Obi-Wan's, instantly disintegrating it. The Jedi's body immediately becomes a Force ghost, but this conclusion could have been more chilling. The script says that the Sith “launched forward, feinting and then slashing in a deadly downward arc with his saber. It hit home, cutting Kenobi cleanly in half.”

What to do and where to celebrate Star Wars day?

From the Film Symphony Orchestra we want to invite you to celebrate World Star Wars Day, remembering our phoenix tour, with the CD of the same name, in which you can find an exciting show that revolves around film music. A spectacular musical journey through the most iconic soundtracks that the seventh art has given us. Among the soundtracks that you will find in it, you can enjoy the hilarious Cantina Band by John Williams, created for Star Wars. Episode IV: A New Hope, a classic now, by the Film Symphony Orchestra. You will also find other gems such as Prelude of the movie Ben Hur; he Chevaliers of Sangreal, by Hans Zimmer for The Da Vinci Code either The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, all of them under the direction of Constantino Martínez-Orts.

But you can also join us in the celebration with our merchandising, with the fantastic May the Music Be With You t-shirt and revisiting the entire saga in an unforgettable marathon with your best friends. Will you dress up as Chewie, Darth Vader or Han Solo with us? May the force be with you once again!

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