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We announce songs that will be played on the FSO Krypton tour!

At Film Symphony Orchestra we are celebrating our premiere. With more than 70 musicians, led by the internationally award-winning director, Constantino Martínez-Orts, we have prepared the KRYPTON Tour, in which the viewer will enjoy the best soundtracks in concert from great films about heroes and superheroes, which are the history of the cinema. Therefore, we announce the songs that will be played on FSO's Krypton Tour!

After the successful Fénix Tour, which offered a musical journey through the most iconic soundtracks that the seventh art has given us, the Tour 'Krypton: Heroes and superheroes in concert', will offer a superlative tribute to humanity, to the goodness of human beings. To all the people who every day, in one way or another, become invisible superheroes who save lives from anonymity and make this world a better place.

What is the Krypton tour

What is the Krypton tour?

On the new Krypton tour, we will offer the best film music in concert, a selection of musical themes from films that have marked the lives of young people and adults, through several generations. An incredible music ceremony with unimaginable powers, which involves a well-deserved tribute to superheroes. A show in which we will discover the magic of heroes of the present and the past, such as Superman, The Last of the Mohicans, Spiderman, Conan the Barbarian, Iron Man, Braveheart, The Dark Knight, Robin Hood, Captain America or The Incredibles, among many others. .

Who is the creator of superheroes?

Stanley Martin Lieber, better known as Stan Lee has been the most relevant and acclaimed creator of superheroes in history.. Born in Manhattan, New York, in 1922, he has worked as a writer and creator of comics throughout his life, in addition to being a producer and occasional film actor. Mainly, he is known for having co-created iconic characters from the comics world such as Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man, Doctor Strange or Ant-Man, among many other superheroes, almost always accompanied by the artists and writers Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby.

The progenitor of the Marvel Comics superheroes, and a fundamental piece in its expansion, transformed this brand from what it was at birth, a small advertising house, into a large multimedia corporation. Even today, Marvel comics are distinguished by always indicating "Stan Lee presents" on presentation labels. His goal, at the beginning of his career, was to become a writer at the level of his admired Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle or Edgar Rice Burroughs.

What are the qualities and values of a superhero

What are the qualities and values of a superhero?

If we had to embody the values and qualities of superheroes in a single character, that would undoubtedly be it. superman. The hero created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, first appeared on April 18, 1938, in Action Comics number one. This 2022 he turns 84 years old, and continues to symbolize the values of kindness, the defense of citizens and peace and exercising his flag as a champion in the fight against the dark forces of our world.

Although not all superheroes are Superman, it is true that all of them share a series of qualities that they enjoy in their fight against their enemies and antagonists, who wish to destroy humanity. If we look at Marvel's classification, in order of importance, with the first quality they must possess is worth. A hero must demonstrate his ability on the battlefield and is not considered worthy even if he was born into a family of great warriors, which refers to the character of Thor, who each battle proves that he is a worthy bearer of Mjolnir.

The second is the rebellion, since these characters must go against what is established to do the right thing. They must also attend to futurism. Characters like Iron Man always look forward, and that is why they develop technology that will continue to protect and help future generations. The fourth quality is force, of which the Hulk is a faithful bearer, because it is of great help in battle, but at the same time in the course of a conflict, what defines the winner is the strength of spirit.

Similarly, the precision It would be the next quality that a hero must have. A well-trained eye to hit the target is equally very valuable and important to defend the innocent. Hawkeye would be second to none in this regard. Other important values are information, since knowledge is power and unit, because some difficulties are too complicated to face individually. Superheroes must join forces and fight as one.

But above all these qualities, three stand out. He honor, which is what differentiates a superhero from a super villain, for doing the right thing; the determination: It doesn't matter that the enemy's abilities present a real challenge that seems impossible to undertake. A true hero never gives up. And lastly, and most importantly, the responsibility. A hero always has to be responsible for his actions because, as old Uncle Ben said, "with great power comes great responsibility."

What soundtracks will be included on the Krypton tour

What soundtracks will be included on the Krypton tour?

This new tour, which will surprise everyone and everyone, is the most desirable way to enjoy the best movie soundtracks. The soundtracks of the most mythical superheroes come to the stage in concert, to bring together the most surprising compositions by the masters of musical creation.

For these reasons, it is impossible to ignore the soundtrack of the aforementioned Superman. And if we remember the superhero par excellence, we have to let ourselves be carried away by the flight of the great composer par excellence, John Williams. In the 1978 film, directed by Richard Donner, the teacher had already gained fame for his relationship with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, in the Star Wars saga. Grandiloquent and commendable for the character, the music has a very high quality, lasting throughout the story thanks to its leitmotif.

But leaving that futurism behind, we will find ourselves traveling to the 18th century hand in hand with The last Mohican, considered one of the best soundtracks of all time and which, since its publication in 1992, continues to resonate in the heads of hundreds of thousands of film lovers. With this work, Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman undoubtedly made history, and the emotion of their Main Title will sneak into our hearts once again, on the stages that the FSO sets foot on. On this tour of unimaginable musical worlds, we will also encounter the legendary songs that sound in Spiderman, composed in their original score, by Danny Elfman. A delicious combination of traditional orchestration with electronic elements and ethnic percussion.

On the other hand, the composer of the soundtrack of Conan the barbarian, Basil Poleodouris, will leave his mark on the Krypton tour concerts. The Slavic rhythms, ethnic music and choirs made the battles become brilliant and wild ballets and, now, we will be able to enjoy music that has not been recognized as it deserves. Another of the most relevant soundtracks that will be played on the tour will be that of Hombre de Hierro, made of Ramin Djawadi, famous for his works in Game of Thrones. His mix of heavy music with an orchestral atmosphere led him to obtain his first nomination for the Grammy Awards.

The impressive 'Setlist' of Krypton will also feature the soundtrack of Braveheart, an epic and romantic classic devised by James Horner, which mixes four central melodic axes: the music of Scotland, that of the hero Braveheart, that of love and that of betrayal. You will also visit the work of Hans Zimmer hand in hand with the hero of the night, The dark knight, in a score conceptual that offers a perfect symbiosis between “made in Hollywood” orchestrations and a very personal compositional ideology.

Other fundamental soundtracks that will evoke the best moments of the Film Symphony Orchestra will be Robin Hood, the prince of thieves, by Michael Kamen; he Captain America, by Joe Johnston and the impressive work of Michael Giacchino which was formed as the soundtrack of The Incredibles.

The Krypton tour in concert

The Kypton tour concerts will begin in Madrid on September 17, at 7:30 p.m. at the National Music Auditorium. This will be the spectacular beginning of a tour that will tour a large part of the large cities of our country. Shortly after, we will repeat in the capital, on September 30, before heading to other enclaves such as Valencia or Barcelona.

The new show offers film music concerts like you've never seen before. We will make you enjoy the best music from live soundtracks, for now until June 2023, but we will announce soon a new extension of the tour to other cities and the possibility of seeing them once again in cities already visited.

The andKrypton tour tickets and for future concerts they can be purchased through our official website. On sale now! So don't miss this unrepeatable opportunity to see the best live film music concerts, led by the superheroes who have been with us since childhood.

KRYPTON is a well-deserved tribute to humanity and the goodness of human beings, which make this world a better place. Without a doubt, this is a compilation of superheroes who have left their mark in the history of cinema and, now... will leave it in the history of live music.

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  1. Big big and on each tour bigger if possible! Whenever I go, if there is repetition in the city, I repeat even if the repertoire is the same, it doesn't matter, music is music and the orchestra is not the same on YouTube as it is in situ, impressive, great team. Tremendous that final “surprise” from Marvel on the last tour (and just my favorite!) heart at 1000 beats per second, exciting 😭Waiting for December to arrive for something better than Christmas, for the FSO! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  2. Awesome! What metals! And the percussion, sublime! In short: What a great orchestra!

    It is the sixth time that the whole family has gone and it makes our hair stand on end because of how beautiful the concerts are.
    We love director Constantino Martínez-Orts. He is very entertaining and you can tell that he transmits his enormous passion for film music.

    It is a unique experience!
    Thank you, wonderful musicians, for bringing us so much happiness through your music!

    • Hello Edmund!

      What a joy to read your comment on our blog. We are very happy that you enjoy the best film music in concert. We are waiting for you at our next concerts, so you can enjoy our soundtracks once again!🎼🎶

      All the best.

    • You have finally returned to Roquetas... the wait has been long. The 4 of us will go as always. You are the best. This tour is very good. My congratulations!!!

      • Good morning, Moses.

        What a joy to read your comment! Thank you very much for your words. We were looking forward to returning to Roquetas…

        See you very soon! 🎵

  3. This year I will see you again with my 3-year-old daughter in Seville, who had such a beautiful experience the first time that you have instilled symphonic music in her to the fullest. She also fell in love with the epic figure of Constantine, whom she calls "the Director." Hopefully, taking advantage of the fact that the theme is about heroes, you can play the Rider's March, which is his favorite. It would be unforgettable. We met you at Escolapios school and we have followed you since then. Looking forward to hearing you again. Thanks for your work.

    • Hello Jose!

      We are very happy to read comments like yours and know that you enjoy our music. We are waiting for you in Seville one more year! 🎼

  4. Yesterday we were at the one in Barcelona, I couldn't have wished for anything better for my birthday.
    Thank you for these wonderful moments.

  5. Great concert. The noise machine (sorry smoke) is heard too much and in some quiet songs like those by James Horner you can hear much more than the orchestra. Do you think the machine is necessary? Or at least soundproof it better

    • Good morning Michelangelo.

      Thank you very much for commenting on our blog. We are sorry that you did not enjoy a 10 experience with our smoke machine. We write down your comment to improve in future concerts and we pass it on to our technical team, to make music a unique experience on our tour.

      All the best.

      • Hello.
        Tomorrow we will travel from 200km to see you in Santander. I bought two tickets to surprise my husband who has been wanting to go to a concert like this for years. It wasn't possible during the pandemic...but now it is.

        He is a fan of comics, superheroes and OSTs (who doesn't miss a beat as soon as he hears them)...so this concert is for him. And the best thing is that you don't expect it...surprise!
        So, see you tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you and enjoying!!

  6. Good afternoon, I have heard about your tour of Spain, could you tell me if you will be passing through Extremadura?
    All the best.

  7. See you on the 16th in Torremolinos! We already tried it before the pandemic but it was suspended, but this time it was. What you want!

    • What a joy to read your comment and know that you are coming to see us!

      We hope you enjoy our concert very much.

  8. Hi there.
    Tomorrow I attend the Madrid session in the auditorium at 10:30 p.m. and I wanted to know if recording is allowed inside to make a video if it arises. Thank you, I'm really looking forward to it.

    • Good morning Raul. Clear! We are delighted that you share content from our concerts on your social networks, in fact, we ask you to tag us and use the official tour hashtag: #FSOKrypton.

      What is not allowed is recording complete songs, using professional cameras or using the flash during the concert. On the other hand, recording fragments with your mobile, no problem!

      We hope you enjoy our concert!

  9. There's less to go, see you on the 16th in Torremolinos, my 8-year-old, who has started violin first this year, is going to be amazed 😉

  10. Last year we attended, for a royal gift, the concert you gave in Seville. And we really went out, my wife and I, FULL of music.
    This year, with KRYPTON, I hope to see you again here in Seville.
    And that's how it will be every time you come here.

  11. We will see you this Christmas in Santander. Plus it will be the first concert of yours that our son will go to. We are looking forward to having a great evening.

    • Good morning, Amparo.

      What a joy! We hope you enjoy each and every one of the soundtracks with us…

      We wait for you! 🎼

  12. I just saw you today in Granada, and you are improving yourselves more and more!! Congratulations on your work!! You are the best!!!come back soon!!!

    • Good morning, Horacio.

      Thank you very much for coming to our concert! We are glad to know that you enjoyed it so much…

      We hope to see you again very soon! 🎶

  13. A fabulous concert in Granada. Congratulations to all the members of this wonderful orchestra! You put the entire audience in your pocket, making us remember so many heroes and heroines of our lives. They are the ones who forge our dreams of ensuring that we live in a more just world, giving the best of ourselves. Bravo!

    • Good morning, Patricia.

      Thank you very much for your words, it was incredible playing in this city. We hope to return very soon.

      All the best! 🎵

  14. I would like to know which are the best Madrid concert tickets to give as a gift? I'm not sure if it will be seen well from row 1 of the stalls. All the best

  15. My husband, my daughter and I just left GC's Las Palmas concert, SPECTACULAR!!! This is the 2nd time we have attended one of your concerts, although my favorite OST, Breaveheart, fell short, I thought it was a tremendous show. We have enjoyed it very much. I hope I don't have to wait 3 more years to be able to enjoy a new repertoire again.

    • Good morning Natalia,

      Thank you very much for your words! We hope to return soon to your land, which we love.

      A hug!

  16. It will be the first time in May, in Barcelona, that we are going to see you as a birthday gift for my son (13), he will surely love it, and we will all enjoy it.
    Looking forward to hearing you live.

    • Good morning Monica,

      How excited we are to read your comment! We hope you like our show, especially the little one in the house... 🎵

      A hug!


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