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Original gifts for Valentine's Day in Madrid: Hollylove, the musical “of love”

There are just a few days left until February 14, when Valentine's Day, 'Lovers' Day', is celebrated. On this holiday, which has spread to all countries in the world, it is common for couples to express their love and friendship. Many people may not know what to give their partner, but Film Symphony Orchestra (FSO) offers the solution to that problem. Our film music orchestra has prepared one of the most original gifts for Valentine's Day in Madrid: Hollylove, the musical “of love.”

With this present, the FSO offers you an unforgettable event to celebrate Valentine's Day, a unique plan. You can celebrate with your partner or loved ones the importance of love that so characterizes Valentine's Day, a holiday that, beyond its commercial origin, emerged many years ago.

Original gifts for Valentine's Day

What is celebrated on Valentine's Day?

Origin of Valentine's Day

If we talk about the moment in which the Valentine's Day holiday was born, one must go back in time to the 3rd century. To be more specific, the origin of Valentine's Day dates back to the 3rd century, in the Italian city of Rome. It was essential Valentine, the priest who challenged the Roman emperor Claudius II, who wanted to prohibit the celebration of marriages, because he believed that the best soldiers were those young single men. That is to say, he considered that the family was a bondage and that it was necessary to stop sentimental commitments in order to have better warriors.

The priest, Valentine of Rome, one of the martyrs who lived in ancient Rome, decided to oppose the prohibition established by the emperor and encouraged secret marriages to be celebrated between those people who were in love and wanted to marry their partners. For this reason, it is considered Saint Valentine of Rome, the founder and initiator of the festival. Besides, It was decided that Valentine's Day was the patron saint of lovers.

However, what Valentine was doing began to spread and when Claudius II found out, he sentenced the priest to death for revealing himself and disobeying his orders. In this way, Valentine was assassinated on February 14, 270. For this reason, since the year 498, a religious celebration in memory of the saint of Rome. Since then, the Valentine's Day celebration is on February 14.

Valentine's Day Symbology

Valentine's Day Symbology

But what is celebrated on Valentine's Day? Love and friendship. Flowers are one of the favorite gifts on Valentine's Day. Specifically, red roses are usually given as gifts, since they are the flowers that are traditionally related to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Many years ago, hugs, kisses and other displays of affection in public were very frowned upon, so giving roses was the alternative chosen by many to show their love to someone. Therefore, for many years, until today, red roses have been one of the protagonists in the symbology that encompasses Valentine's Day.

Send one lovers letter For Valentine's Day it is also common. This custom began at the beginning of the 15th century, when the Duke of Orleans wrote the first love letter known in history. The Duke was captured during the 100 Years War, so he continually sent love letters to his wife Bonne Armagnac to express his feelings towards her.

Currently, the chocolates to give to your partner Valentine's Day are also a typical and common option. But it's not something new either. It has been common on this day since the end of the 15th century in Europe. Giving chocolates on Valentine's Day was already a symbol at that time. Those conquistadors who returned to Europe from America brought pure cocoa. It began to be seen that this food generated a good feeling when consumed. It generated pleasure. This sensation was shared across several generations, which is why, already in the 18th century, chocolate was considered a food related to love. At that time, gentlemen gave ladies chocolate to show their love.

Nowadays, especially on February 14, couples give each other those typical chocolates to, like those gentlemen from centuries ago, celebrate love. But nowadays it goes even further, since these chocolates usually go hand in hand with hearts cards, also typical for Valentine's Day.

Original gifts for Valentine's Day

The smallest details can mean a lot when done with love. That is why, as February 14 approaches, couples around the world are trying to find the best gifts to make "Valentine's Day". Some choose to give traditional gifts, such as those chocolates, letters or flowers that have been seen so much that they are usually a sure hit. Others tend to think original gift ideas for Valentine's Day.

Typical gifts are always a success, but original gifts For your partner they will be able to create unforgettable and surprising memories. To make them a success, one can think about the tastes of one's love and take a risk by giving something that one does not expect, such as trips, dinners, tickets to concerts, museums or many other different things.

Gifts for music lovers

Music is something that practically everyone likes, so linking love with music could be an attractive alternative for all those who want to give an original Valentine's gift to their partner.

A concert or an album are suitable gifts for music loverssica. At FSO we are aware that music related giftssica They are usually a success. For this reason, we offer this unique show, HollyLove, which will create an unforgettable memory for you and your partner.

What is celebrated on Valentine's Day

HollyLove, an original musical gift for your Valentine's Day plan in Madrid

To celebrate love on this special day, the Film Symphony Orchestra concert It is an ideal option. On February 14, 2023, at 7:30 p.m., the Symphony Orchestra will perform at the National Auditorium of Madrid the musical of HollyLove, an original musical gift for your Valentine's Day plan. This renowned show is loaded with soundtracks of love, of múroman movie sicantics, ideal to celebrate this special day.

Topics that will be played at the Film Symphony Orchestra's HollyLove concert

The concert will feature the soundtrack of one of the most legendary films in history: Titanic. This song, which brought the artist Celine Dion to fame, takes us to the moment of love that the couple in the film experiences on the bow of the ocean liner and that moves everyone so much.

The soundtrack starring Whitney Houston will also be performed in The bodyguard, a film that received a Grammy for “Album of the Year.” The recognized melodies that HollyLove offers do not end there. Love Actually will thrill attendees at the National Auditorium in Madrid, like another unforgettable classic, Gone With the Wind.

Then the melody will come La La Land, one of the most successful themes in cinema in recent years, and Memories of ÁAfrica, a very emotional topic.

But this is not all. The music composed by the composer Ennio Morricone will sound for cinema Paradiso. Also Moulin Rouge, which will make the audience go crazy with adrenaline and generate a unique atmosphere of love.

HollyLove, an original musical gift for your Valentine's Day plan in Madrid

The atmosphere will change completely and will focus on one of the wars of the 20th century, the battle of Pearl Harbor, under the musical direction of Hans Zimmer. So that the romantic atmosphere continues, Martínez Orts will embark on a trip to Passion legends, to remember the romance between Julia Ormond and Brad Pitt, music by the great James Horner. Then the cello solo that so characterizes will begin. Memories of a Geisha.

HollyLove will include two songs that have gone down in the history of cinema and music: the soundtrack of Star Wars and of Amelia, thus reflecting the purest art of love and music.

Valentine's Day is one of the most special days of the year. The perfect plan, the most original for this date, is the one that reminds you of the importance of love and what better than remembering romantic cinema with your partner with the music offered in the musical by the Film Symphony Orchestra. In this way, you and your partner will have an unforgettable experience. Buy your tickets now for the concert Hollylove of the Film Symphony Orchestra!