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The best films about composers, musicians and bands: enjoy their music in the cinema

Surely you have never heard of “Tarab”, but we will tell you here the great meaning and importance it has for the history of music. We will also explore the various meanings in cultures and how it has evolved since its origin. And of course, the reason for this magnificent choice to crown the name of the new Film Symphony Orchestra tour.

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What is Tarab?

Tarab which comes from Arabic, and literally describes that state of ecstasy or emotional trance that can be reached by listening to music. It is not so much just listening to music, but rather everything that that music transmits and makes us feel on an emotional or spiritual level.

The History and Evolution of the Tarab

We find the roots of “Tarab” in the musical cultures of the Middle East, specifically in traditional Arabic music. Since ancient times, musicians and audiences have sought this almost magical experience through this expression of art.

Development in Arabic Music

Tarab as a musical genre has evolved over time, mixing influences from other cultures and musical styles. During the 19th and 20th centuries, iconic composers such as Umm Kulthum and Mohammed Abdel Wahab made this concept popular, bringing this emotional experience to audiences previously unaware of Tarab.

Different meanings of Tarab

Although Tarab is mainly related to Arabic music, you can find its essence in many other world music. Any musical form that has the power to reach the heart of the audience can be called Tarab.

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Tarab in other Cultures

Jazz and flamenco are directly related to the term, but do you know why? The "duende" that we know so much here in Spain, a very strong emotional state given by music that could mean the same as Tarab. On the other hand, it is said that in Jazz, improvisation can amount to the same thing. These examples show how this concept overcomes cultural and geographical barriers.

The Role of Tarab in Film Soundtracks

The Tarab is also in the movies! Soundtracks play a super important role in recreating deep emotions and transporting us to other worlds. John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Ennio Morricone… and other great composers have pieces that not only complement the images on screen, but also transmit a unique experience to viewers.

Emblematic Cases of Tarab in Cinema

“Star Wars”, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Gladiator” are films that you cannot imagine seeing without music, and why?; In cinema, music plays an important role to accompany the story and create emotions among viewers. The soundtracks of these movies can put you into a state of Tarab, making you feel part of the story.

And for all this, at Film Symphony Orchestra we feel such a special connection with this word that we have chosen it to name our tour.

Join this #TARABLaGira experience and get your tickets now!


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  1. Good morning!
    Like every year I have already purchased the tickets to go see you in Barcelona. I have seen some of the songs that will be released on the Tarab Tour. And it is spectacular!!!
    One question: Will you add Mad Max Fury Road at some point??? I think it would sound great!!!
    Thank you very much and for many more years!!!

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