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Concert in Bacerlona by the film symphony orchestra

COVID-19 Updates

Our plan to return to the stage

We are very excited to see your faces again and as you well know... "illusions can be very powerful."

For this reason, we have done the impossible to vibrate together again.

We know that you have many doubts (who doesn't have them right now?) but, as Matrix already warned, “There are no unanswered questions”…

Let's go there!

new ennio tour of the film symphony orchestra covid measures
  • Today, everyone.
  • At FSO we are very attentive to the evolution of the situation generated by COVID-19 to apply each and every one of the indications issued by the competent authorities.
  • We recommend that you be very attentive to our website, here we will inform you of all the news.
  • The protocols implemented by both the venues and the FSO will ensure that the show is developed in a manner totally sure.
  • To do this, there are security measures and instructions distributed throughout the concert venue that we must all follow. We advance some of them in the following questions.
Assigned seats

It is better to have the assigned seat at your entrance than anywhere else. Let's respect the empty seats that separate living groups for safety reasons.

  • All venues have reduced/limited capacity. This means that you will be safer: you will be separated from the rest of the spectators. Therefore, you have to take into account 2 points:
    1. Only buy tickets from the people you live with. If you are going in a group and do not live together, please purchase tickets separately.
    2. Run and get your tickets, because there are very few for sale.
  • The tickets you purchase will already have seat blocking applied between coexisting groups to separate you from other spectators.
Hand mask
  • Keep your friends close, but your mask even closer. You must wear your mask at all times while you are in the auditorium. If you don't like the one you have, in our store you can find the best solution ;).
Hydroalcoholic gel
  • Put hydroalcoholic gel on as if it were the last time (and the first, and after going to the bathroom, and after knocking on a door).
Arrive 1 hour early
  • Arrive one hour before the start of the concert and you will win. To avoid crowds, arrive early enough to access the room and take the opportunity to greet the FSO team 😉
  • Mr. Usher, are you trying to get me in and out in an orderly manner? A spectator's best friend is his usher, always pay attention to him.
  • Cloakroom, cafeteria? See you, baby. These services will not be available.
  • In the elevator... There can only be one left. (Or members of a cohabiting group).
  • There will be no rest for the spectators. To avoid the confluence of people, the show will be presented without intermission.

Spartans, what is our job?

The layout and number of members of the orchestra will undergo some changes in order to respect the protocols: safety distance, screens, masks, buckets... AUU AUU AUU!

How long is forever?

In order to reduce contact time between spectators, the duration of the concert will be 80 minutes without a rest.

What material are the programs made of?

QR codes! Yes, you will have a program. Bring your camera or QR scanner app and the program will be all yours.

What if I can't go to the concert?


"I'll make him an offer he can not refuse".

    • The current policy on ticket sales is that no changes or returns are accepted.
    • But do not worry, if there is a justified cause of force majeure, the refund can be made. The causes are:
      • Cancellation of the event.
      • Forced confinement.
      • Illness with medical justification.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to write to us at contact@filmsymphony.es   

May the FSO be with you!