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We're already in September... and the FSO Tour 2019/20 is here!

September is here and we won't say we have post-holiday depression. Quite the opposite. We were dying for this month to arrive because the time has come for the #FSOTour 2019/20 to begin. With dozens of cities confirmed and to be confirmed, new themes known to everyone and a great desire to give everything on stage.

It's true, we are looking forward to September 27th. It will be the starting signal for this new tour that we have prepared with a lot of work and love, with which we hope you have as much fun as we do when we see you enjoying yourself. The beginning, as it could not be otherwise, will be in the National Auditorium, where we have hung so many 'full' signs. But do not doubt that we will have a different show for each city and that each of the concerts will be special.

Do you already know what you're going to hear on this tour? We tell you which great songs we arrived in Madrid with: Avengers, Aladdin, Interstellar, How to Train Your Dragon, Han Solo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Willow, Amelie... And you can listen to the others live on Friday, September 27 at 7:30 p.m. on the National Auditorium, in Madrid. We will wait for you!