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What a great time we had! Great atmosphere in Burgos, Valladolid and Pamplona

Between concert and concert, you already know that we like to take stock of what we have experienced. Sometimes, the weekends are so intense that we don't have time to calm down until after a few days.
And right now we're trying to absorb how cool the last concerts were. We were in Burgos, Pamplona and Valladolid... And how we needed a little bit of the North!
The best thing about traveling throughout Spain is that at each stop we have a different audience, although you are all great.
From this weekend we are left with the atmosphere in the three auditoriums and the great reception that our Program II has had in cities for which we greatly appreciate our Program II.
The best thing about doing what you like is having others enjoy it with you and this weekend it has been a pleasure to see how you enjoyed it with us. It is very fun to see you arrive dressed up and get involved with us. It is the magic of film music, which fortunately leaves no one indifferent, but which would not exist if there were no audience to enjoy it.
Therefore, for joining us in our concerts and adventures and for continuing to trust us to enjoy music, thank you very much!