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The best films about composers, musicians and bands: enjoy their music in the cinema

Since the beginning of time, some composers and musicians have left an indelible mark on history with their masterpieces in music. And today, thanks to some film directors, we have managed to have films that portray the lives of these artists in a way that allows us to enter their world while enjoying their music.

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The importance of knowing the lives of artists to understand their music

An artist's life is intrinsically linked to his music. Their experiences, struggles and triumphs are reflected in every note, in every melody they compose. Understanding the lives of these geniuses not only brings us closer to their humanity, but also allows us to fully appreciate the beauty of the music they have shared with us all.

The fusion of cinema and music

Cinema and music are two forms of art that complement each other perfectly, currently we cannot imagine one without the other. Some directors have been able to take advantage of this fusion to create masterpieces that transcend the merely visual and auditory.

The best films about composers

Amadeus: The life and work of Mozart

This film directed by Milos Forman transports us to 18th century Vienna to show us the life of the genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, his relationship with the composer Antonio Salieri and his revolutionary impact on classical music. Not only does it bring us closer to this enigmatic figure from a sometimes comical image, but it also shows us how dramatic and hard his life was.

Copying Beethoven: The life behind the genius

Diane Kruger and Ed Harris perform this fictional account of the life of the genius composer Ludwig van Beethoven. It also movingly captures the passion and intensity that fueled Beethoven's genius, showing the personal and artistic challenges he faced on his path to musical immortality.

Bird: The Story of Saxophonist Charlie Parker

The film portrays the life of Charlie Parker, one of the most influential musicians in the history of jazz, but also tells of his fall into drugs and his struggle to overcome addiction.

The Pianist: The story of a Polish pianist in the Second World War

This exciting film directed by Roman Polanski tells the true story of Władysław Szpilman, a talented Polish pianist who experiences the terror of survival during the Nazi invasion of Warsaw.

Ray: The life of Composer, pianist and singer Ray Charleyes

Starring Jamie Foxx, the film tells the life of iconic musician Ray Charles, from his humble beginnings in Florida to his rise to fame and his personal struggles.

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Movies about unforgettable bands

Across the Universe

This musical film directed by Julie Taymor uses the music of The Beatles to tell a love story that takes place throughout the decades of the 60s and 70s in the United States. If it is true that it does not tell anything related to the band itself, it helps us better understand their songs.

Pink Floyd: The Wall

Based on the famous Pink Floyd album, it is a film directed by Alan Parker. An audiovisual experience that explores deep themes of history such as human alienation and self-destruction.

Bohemian Rhapsody: The Story of Queen

This biopic follows the extraordinary and turbulent history of the iconic band Queen and Freddie Mercury, from their beginnings to their tremendous performance at Live Aid.

The Doors

Directed by Oliver Stone, it explores the unbridled life of the charismatic Jim Morrison, and the intensity of his impact on the music scene of the 60s. Without a doubt a figure who marked a before and after in his genre.

The best documentaries about musicians

And if you are not so into recreations with artistic licenses, we recommend these documentaries that explore the life and legacy of some well-known musicians.

Marley by Kevin Macdonald

This documentary offers an intimate look at the life and music of the legendary Bob Marley, exploring his musical legacy and cultural influence.

Eight Days a Week: The Beatles

Directed by Ron Howard, this documentary provides a detailed portrait of the legendary band The Beatles, exploring their rise to fame and capturing the frenetic energy of their live performances.

George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Directed by Martin Scorsese, this documentary offers a deep and emotional insight into the life of George Harrison, the forgotten Beatle, from his days with the band, to his spiritual transformation afterward.

A Head Full of Dreams: Coldplay

This documentary follows the career of the British band Coldplay, from their beginnings when they were still teenagers to becoming one of the most successful and beloved bands in the world.

Whitney: Can I Be Me

In this case, the life and great impact of the iconic singer Whitney Houston is examined, showing an intimate look at her musical triumphs and personal struggles.

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