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FSO and Jazz? The perfect combination in FSO Big Band

In 2017 we created a new show that unites what we like most in the world: music and cinema, but not just any music, but a style that will never go out of style, Jazz. It is a different group with a repertoire that brings together, under the common thread of cinema, famous jazz composers, such as Benny Goodman or Henry Mancini, with classical masters, such as John Barry or John Williams, Johnny Williams in his unknown "early & jazzy days».

FSO Big Band has the best film music in the key of Jazz, it is composed of 17 musicians and two singers, one female and one male voice and a unique master of ceremonies. FSO Big Band performs at private events, such as last December 14 when we participated in the Christmas dinner of an international corporation based in Castellón. Set in the golden years of Hollywood, inspired by hot jazz and swing dance groups, FSO Big Band performed titles such as James Bond 007, The Pink Panther, All that Jazz from Chicago, New York New York, Fever...closing the show with the room dancing and singing All I want for Christmas is you by Maria Carey.
Although FSO Big Band plays for private events… We have a possible exclusive! TOBefore the performance on Friday the 14th, the truck and the stands were on the street and many people approached asking if we were performing there that night to buy tickets, we answered that it was a private event, but we can tell you in advance that soon FSO Big Band will have concerts open to the public.
So stay tuned to our social networks and we will tell you many things!