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FSO debuts outside of Spain with a great concert in Porto!

This week we are very happy and this weekend has been very special, not only because of the great atmosphere and the good time we had in Gijón and Salamanca, but because we have given our first international concert. Sunday, March 10, will be recorded as the first stop of the Film Symphony Orchestra in Portuguese (and international) lands.
The acceptance that our music had in Porto was wonderful, we had a great time with hundreds of Portuguese who came to the city's Coliseu. But how could it not be a success? We went with all the artillery, the music of one of the best composers of all time. It cannot be said that it is a bad letter of introduction, but we also made our international debut full of good feelings thanks to the great concerts on Friday and Saturday in Gijón and Salamanca.
We are not going to deceive you. Taking the leap required a great effort (even our director Constantino Martínez-Orts learned Portuguese!), but seeing the Coliseu vibrate we will never forget. What a great time we had and we are looking forward to the concert on May 4th!