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Full weekend: Thank you Albacete, Valencia and Alicante!

We're still hungover from the weekend, but how could we not be? Three concerts in three days and in all three we hung the 'sold out' sign, but the true joy was being able to enjoy such a dedicated audience and that great atmosphere in the three cities. We couldn't be happier or more grateful, because great concerts are also made by the public.

It's been a blast from the beginning. We arrived on Friday in Albacete, FSO's first time in the city and also with the tour that is giving us so much joy, the #FSOTour Special John Williams and we ended up convinced that we will return one, a thousand or as many times as necessary to play for the audience of Albacete and continue enjoying film music together.

The second stop was special. Valencia was waiting for us on Saturday, after so many concerts in our city that we can't even count anymore, it is a huge satisfaction to continue filling the Palau de la Música. This time we had as good a time as ever and, once again, we left thinking about the next date in the city, which, by the way, is soon, on February 23 we will be there again and it will surely be magical again.

Who said that Sundays are sad days and to stay home? Alicante really knows what it's like to enjoy a weekend and take advantage of it until its last minutes and that's what we did with them. An auditorium, ADDA, full and eager to enjoy the #FSOTour and give it their all with us, impossible not to come away. We had such a good time that we are still nostalgic.

Now, back to calm, we are preparing new musical adventures for this week: Vigo, A Coruña, get ready... Here goes FSO!