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Happy Saint Cecilia to all the musicians! Today is our day!

Today is the day of Saint Cecilia, the patron saint of all musicians and musicians, a day to celebrate our love for music and to celebrate everything that this art gives us. Music is our passion and we want to celebrate it today, but also every day of the year and share it with all of you through our concerts.
The origin of this celebration is not very clear, since there are several legends that explain why Saint Cecilia's day is the day of the musician. The most popular one says that Cecilia of Rome was a Christian and died as a martyr on November 22, 230. and, after her agony, it is said that she raised her songs to heaven, which gave her the title of Patroness.
What we do know is that it is a day that we should all celebrate for everything that music gives us. Music is joy, it is a companion for celebration but also for days of sadness, it is the reason for many coincidences, it is what unites us with the rest and what makes us smile after a bad day. And, of course, music is also cinema and it is good vibes and we understand a lot about those three things. Happy day everyone!