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This Christmas… give FSO!

These are bad times for those who don't know what to give this Christmas, but all is not lost because we are going to give you the best of ideas. Tickets to the #FSOTour concerts are the perfect gift for the whole family.
Our special John Williams tour takes a tour of the best film soundtracks in history. They are themes that both children and adults love. Yes, yes, you read correctly, the children have a great time at our concerts. But those who also enjoy it like children are all the adults who are transported to different times and places by the soundtracks of films they have seen throughout their lives.
A concert in which an orchestra with more than a dozen types of instruments, more than 80 musicians, in which the plot of the films is mixed with applause, music and a good atmosphere. The FSO concert could be said to be the perfect cocktail of quality music and music for all audiences, where even those who are not experts on the subject have a great time. A gift, without a doubt, the most original from which perhaps some new passion will emerge.
Tickets to see FSO are a star gift, and the concerts of program II will begin in the coming weeks. So if you've already seen the first one, nothing happens. Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Salamanca, Mallorca, Seville, Málaga, Granada, Burgos, Donostia, Zaragoza, Pamplona, Valladolid and many more will be our destinations, so you can choose.
Have a great holiday full of film music!