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The II International Soundtrack Contest 'Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares' already has a winner: Ana Kasrashvili

This weekend one of the most anticipated mysteries in the world of soundtracks has been solved: who would win the second edition of the most important international competition in the sector?

The jury is made up of our director Constantino Martínez-Orts, the Spanish composers Lucio Godoy and Roque Baños, the representative of the winery Juan Gil Vera and was chaired by the British composer Patrick Doyle.

This luxury jury decided that the 32-year-old Georgian composer, Ana Kasrashvili, was the winner of the 2nd Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares International Soundtrack Composition Award.

This award is the most important in its category, since it has the largest financial award in the world for a contest of this type: 50,000 euros to the winner!

In addition to the significant sum of money she will receive, Ana Kasrashvili will have the opportunity to premiere the short film 'Esencia' along with her music at a Film Symphony Orchestra concert at the Víctor Villegas Auditorium in Murcia, on November 15, where it will be recorded. their live music. During the course of the concert, the award will be presented in the presence of the entire jury and renowned people from the world of culture and cinema.

Once the process was completed, the names of the rest of the finalists were made public, revealing the names of the people behind the pseudonyms used to guarantee anonymity during the evaluation process:

Francisco Javier Artés – “Lardis” – 'The Search' (Spain)
Francesco Berta – “Tinearth” – 'Seeds of Change' (Italy)
David Forner – “Dafoe” – 'Lloro' (Spain)
Fernando Furones – “Hans Zilliams” – 'Earth, Heart, Soul' (Spain)
Alicia Fernández Morote – “Greendown” – 'Garnet Gold, White Gold' (Spain)
Javier Alonso – “Batistrello” – '1916' (Spain)
Vanessa Garde – “Undercave” – 'Blanco Garnate' (Spain)
Julien Bellanger – “J. Jouanno” – 'Essor' (France)
Hadrien Bonardo – “Fidelio” – 'Jewels of The Earth' (France)
Lawrence Whitehead – “MelodyGuy” – 'A Noble Heart' (UK)
Joaquim Badia – “Hypnos” – 'Alma Jumilla' (Spain)
Ana Kasrashvili – “Martha Webber” – 'The True Treasure' (Georgia)

If you want more information about this second edition of the contest, you can find it in its official website.