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We share the set of El Hormiguero with Emilio Aragón

We already feel El Hormiguero like our second home. We have gone to the program many times, but each time it is different. That's why we feel it's still special.

In this program Emilio Aragón tried to guess different soundtracks by listening to just one or two seconds of each song. It wasn't easy, but in most cases he managed to get it right. It is clear that we were dealing with a professional in television and music (entertainment in general).

Furthermore, Constantino Martínez Orts gave him the baton, and with great skill and interest he directed the Film Symphony Orchestra... performing the soundtrack of 'Médico de Familia'! Great television moment!!

For us it is an honor to participate in such an important program on the television schedule. Not only for promoting our 'FSO Tour' tribute to John Williams, but also. What really has great value for us is that a team of professionals like the one directed by Pablo Motos trusts our orchestra once again. And as Emilio Aragón, who was on top of ten throughout the entire interview and the rest of the program, pointed out: “we must supportto live music.” That's a positive message through television!

Not everyone is willing to allow a large number of musicians to invade your set. Not everyone 'takes risks' by allowing live music to be played on television, when what is usually done is playback. For that and many more reasons, thanks to El Hormiguero!

And of course, thanks also to all of you for accompanying us every step we take and showing us your support through social networks. This is how it's nice to give the grade!

We share the video of our performance with you.