Film Symphony Orchestra
Film Symphony Orchestra| The best music of the films
Film Symphony Orchestra returns this autumn with a new tour "The best music of the films". If you're passionate about films... Get ready to enjoy our music in live!

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Film Symphony Orchestra| A unique project
What is FSO? It’s passion for the cinema, it’s vibrating with their original soundtracks, it’s enjoying a symphonic concert never seen before. Our shows are great, passionatte and they will make you jump of your seat.
Film Symphony Orchestra| We release APP: Download it!
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Film Symphony Orchestra| A movie orchestra
A wide range of media has witnessed our tours. ‘El Hormiguero’, Antena 3, TVE1 among others. Come on, take a look!
Film Symphony Orchestra| An amazing opening concert
The FSO tour 2014 began in Madrid with a mega concert in the ‘Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas’ for 10.000 people. A really big show. 100.000 light watts, 50.000 sound watts and giant screens which joined the FSO in a surprising concert. With this concert, we started a new concept of shows which left most of the audience thrilled.
Film Symphony Orchestra| The perfect instrument
A great orchestra made of excellent musicians, which guarantees the highest quality in our spectacles. We want to excite you, to inspire you, but the most important thing we want, is for you to live an unforgettable experience with our music.
Film Symphony Orchestra| More than Music
They say Darth Vader, the Jedis, Troopers or Captain Jack Sparrow are fans of the FSO and they can sometimes be seen in our concerts. Others say that we just appeared in the Madrid Metro or in Kinepolis, interpreting the music of their favourite movies. We also have Heard that the FSO likes to show up in programmes like ‘El Hormiguero’ or ‘Anda Ya’ and surprise with their music artists like Harrison Ford, Pablo Alborán or Paz Vega. That’s what they say…
Film Symphony Orchestra| It’s pure passion
Our director, Constatino Martínez-Orts is a mixed of energy, feelings, professionality and precision, things, that will make you enjoy, even more, our performances. Watching him directing is a spectacle on its own!
Film Symphony Orchestra| Shows for every audience
The FSO performs in auditoriums, bullrings, cinema premieres, tv shows and anywhere cinema music is required. Do you want to know all of our updates?
Film Symphony Orchestra| Pictures for the memory
A graphic recopilation of each of our concerts and actions. The best pictures and videos for your memories.
Film Symphony Orchestra| Close to you
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